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Being receptive

Abstract 2

In ‘Eighteen ’till I die’ Bryan Adams says ‘try anything twice’, and he’s right. It’s just too easy to close ones mind, dismiss something as a waste of time, only to continue wasting time walking the same old road.

A friend of mine wanted to try out my camera on some ideas he’s had brewing for a while. Always keen to meander along the path of creative process, I agreed, and so we spent two Friday nights in my studio, sipping wine, cutting up coloured cellophane, moving bits of glass and lights about, and moving my macro lens in and out of focus in the bid to achieve the image that he had in his mind.

I don’t think we managed to produce what he was after – much to his frustration – and so I suppose we’ll just have to spend another Friday night or two sipping wine in the studio.

I, on the other hand, tumbled into a whole other world I previously thought to be not really worth exploring. These pics probably won’t thrill anyone as much as they thrill me, but that’s fine. They weren’t shot to anyone’s brief, and they don’t have to help pay my credit card bill (although that would be rather lovely!). They were simply for the fun of spending a few hours with my macro lens … and I do so love my macro lens!

So, to take Bryan’s advice, I’m going to give this another try, and see what happens. Being creative also means being receptive. You never know what will emerge from the next efforts.

Abstract 5

Abstract 1

Abstract 3


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