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Kiara’s Batmitzvah Album

The album to commemorate a special girl’s Batmitzvah:


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Beautiful babies

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the sweetest babies of late. I try to keep the light as soft as possible, and so use bounced flash – bouncing my studio lights off the white polyboards and off the walls. The white floors help to further minimise shadows, and keep the light soft.

I shoot all my pics in RAW (and so, obviously, in colour), and then open each one individually to create the photoshop effects, or convert to black & white and sepia.

This little fellow had the most beautiful eyes

Irrepressible curiosity!

This photo shoot stuff is thirsty work!

Baby smiles, like baby gurgles and baby kisses, are heaven-sent!

A flying cherub

This little newborn had little interest in being photographed. So many tears from one so small!

The pics were done on location, using only window light and a bit of reflector.

All this growing is very tiring

Safe with Mommy

My portfolio of baby, kiddy and family portraits is at

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Father’s Day photo shoot

Recording moments in our family’s history is far more important than we realise at the time. Looking back at raggedy pics of the kids when they were little and you were young, one always feels that there should have been just a few more, and maybe just a few better.

So why not book a session with a professional photographer and get some great pics of the family for Father’s Day? It’s as good a reason as any to go and have some fun in the studio. And one day, when you’re sitting in your rocker on the porch, you won’t be sorry that you had those few extra pics taken.

Jack & Sean (4) LOW



14 June 2008 (8)sepia low

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