28 km Run

Journal of a reluctant runner

This morning was our 28 km run. Starting at 6:16 am we would run out along Chapman’s Peak drive and back – a slightly challenging and exquisitely beautiful route. The weather is glorious. A perfect day for a long, long run.

And I was on it. Organised. I was not being caught short this time. So yesterday afternoon, after collecting The Kid (lugubrious after some high school teenage drama during the day) from school, I drove past the shop to stock up on some salted caramel GUs, as recommended by Firstborn Daughter. The salted caramel is the best flavour, she insisted. It got her through the Rome Marathon, and if it did that for her, imagine what it could do for me.

Then, last night I took the dogs for a gentle walk, taking care to keep my legs rested for today. I had taken Thursday as a rest day…

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