Venice by night

Photographs of the Venice Carnival here brought back memories of my few days there in the spring of last year. It was still biting cold at night, and the crowds of tourists hadn’t yet arrived – although, I do think Venice is never quite without tourists.

The shopkeepers were so friendly and I was fascinated by the elaborate masks that were for sale everywhere. The owners of a shop where I bought numerous items I didn’t need told me about the Venice Carnival. They were so enthusiastic about it, that I wanted immediately to book my hotel room for the following February. Then they mentioned how very cold it is at that time of year … and May was pretty cold enough for me already. Maybe I’ll look at other people’s colourful photos for a while longer.

I have long ago given up the argument about whether or not to travel with a tripod. It’s big, heavy, cumbersome and yet another piece of hand luggage to heft through security and find a space stow on board an aircraft. But it’s a small price to pay if you’re a lover of low light photography. I don’t think any city looks quite as pretty as it does at twilight, and if you want sharp images and lighting effects, you need a good, solid tripod. So my heavy Manfrotto travels. No debate.

These are a few of the low light shots I took from various bridges in Venice.



ImageImageImageImageImageMaybe one day I’ll make it to Venice for Carnevale. In the meantime, I’ll stock up on some thermal underwear, diligently practice my conjugation of verbs, and polish my tripod.

These pics are some of the latest upload to Online Images.



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