She’s free …!

So our stranded fishing vessel was finally pulled off the beach. I had still hoped to get to the beach in the evening to take the pics that I had in my head, but by lunch time I got the call from my daughter telling me that the boat was hooked up and efforts were being made to pull her back into the ocean.

I was supposed to be settling down to some work, but couldn’t miss the opportunity, so grabbed camera, two lenses and tripod and, on a completely empty petrol tank, made my way to where the crowds were gathering – no time to stop to refuel; I was going to have to rely on fumes and good thoughts to get me there.

It was an amazing sight. This tug boat out at sea, listing and straining, the fishing trawler stuck on the beach, resisting. the thick yellow cable between them, looking like a fragile thread, about to snap at any moment. It really was inch … by inch … by inch. And then, suddenly, a noise went up from the crowd … she was free. It is possible for a boat to look happy!

Farewell Eihatsu Maru. Be safe, and do no harm.

The tug that did all the work

The Eihatsu Maru, still stranded, being tugged and pulled at

She’s free!

Eihatsu Maru is accompanied out of the bay


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  1. Loved your shots, Well taken! =)

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