A foal is born

There was much sadness when I arrived at the farm. A much loved horse – somebody’s best friend – had died in the night. It seems an illness had suddenly taken hold of him, and there was nothing that could be done. It had been a long night, and the riders were subdued; the horses seemed tired and a little out of sorts.

They were going to ride anyway, they decided, despite feeling sad about the passing of their friend’s horse. The owner of the horse wanted it that way also, even though she wouldn’t be there.

And then … at about one o’clock … there was a new life …

Only one hour old

One horse had died unexpectedly, and another had made his appearance, equally unexpectedly. The owner had expected the mare to deliver on the weekend, and so the animal was out in the field with the other horses when the foal decided to make his entrance to the world. By the time they were both safely out of the sun and in the stable, both were pretty hungry and exhausted … you would be too if you had just delivered a baby this size, and with so many legs!

Some mother's milk, expressed, taken from the bottle

Being a photographer has certainly taken me places, and exposed me to so many amazing things. Seeing a newborn foal for the very first time again reminded me of how blessed I am to be able to view the world through a lens because, if it weren’t for my camera, I would not have been there in the first place.

Taking the pic: It was dark in the stable and, although the little chap looks fairly still in the photos, when he moved, it was sudden and quite fast. I had not tripod with me, and so camera shake would also have been an issue in that light. The light from the stable door was very bright, and so would have confused the camera’s TTL, creating an underexposed photograph of the foal. The dark stable, with the dark horses, on the other hand, would have confused the TTL again, and created an overexposed image. At high ISO, around 3200, and a shutter speed of 1/50th, a meter reading off the foal’s head gave me an aperture of f/4. I would have preferred a smaller aperture and a faster shutter speed, but we couldn’t be too picky in this situation. I’m just happy to have managed to get some shots!


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  1. Your pictures are wonderful! You have captured the essence as well as the moment. That is a very special thing to do. Thank you for sharing, as it does put ‘life’ into perspective reminding us to appreciate every moment!

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