Another boudoir shoot

Here are some images from a recent boudoir shoot.

These shoots are such a wonderfully positive and affirming thing to do – a celebration of your body, irrespective of its age, size or shape, and sometimes a gift for a partner. I love that the women take the time to have make-up done, select some outfits, and spend an hour or so in my studio so that I can light them fabulous! We go for massages, manicures, pedicures and therapy, all to make ourselves feel better. Why not add a photo shoot to the list? You’ll start out nervous and a bit timid, and walk out feeling confident and sexy. And when the pics arrive, you’ll feel supermodel awesome all over again!

These pics were taken at Dance4Fitness, as part of the Flirt Shoot partnership I have going with Nicky, the owner of Dance4Fitness.


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  1. Great photos. You ahve talent as a photographer.

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