Beautiful babies

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the sweetest babies of late. I try to keep the light as soft as possible, and so use bounced flash – bouncing my studio lights off the white polyboards and off the walls. The white floors help to further minimise shadows, and keep the light soft.

I shoot all my pics in RAW (and so, obviously, in colour), and then open each one individually to create the photoshop effects, or convert to black & white and sepia.

This little fellow had the most beautiful eyes

Irrepressible curiosity!

This photo shoot stuff is thirsty work!

Baby smiles, like baby gurgles and baby kisses, are heaven-sent!

A flying cherub

This little newborn had little interest in being photographed. So many tears from one so small!

The pics were done on location, using only window light and a bit of reflector.

All this growing is very tiring

Safe with Mommy

My portfolio of baby, kiddy and family portraits is at


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