Oi! You, bugs! Leave my roses alone!

oi0901527Now, I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to use my macro lens, and so my first reaction when spotting these nezara bugs on my struggling iceberg rose was to give a little Alice in Wonderland gasp, turn off the hose and dash for my camera.

A 1:1 view through the 100 mmm macro revealed that a horde of aphids and white scale had joined these very pretty rotters in their feast of rose juice. No wonder this little bush had been struggling for its life.
I don’t mind sharing, guys, especially since I know something bigger is going to come around and scoff you next. But good grief! This is ridiculous. So I’m afraid, it was ‘Hasta la vista, babies!’ and ‘So long and thanks for all the photos!’
Sorry, guys … but this patch of garden ain’t big enough for the bunch of us!


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One response to “Oi! You, bugs! Leave my roses alone!

  1. Pia

    oh, how I can relate… I swear I NEVER knew that those bug ugly noisy irritating as shit black and yellow bugs ate roses. I just thought they were annoyoing… didn’t know they were to be loathed until they ATE ALL MY BEAUTIFUL ROSES THAT WERE FLOWERING FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE I NURSED THEM BACK FROM THE BRINK OF DEATH.

    I picked them all off and drowned the bloody lot of them. And I’m not sorry…

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