My daughter is learning to drive!

My teenage daughter is learning how to drive. This is a slightly stressful time, especially for me, as I have to sit in the passenger seat. Her little sister makes sure that she’s well strapped in, even if the car is stationary.

Buckle up!

Buckle up!

The learner driver finds this quite unamusing.
We are not amused

We are not amused

I have found, though, that if you take photos during the lesson, it helps to alleviate the stress somewhat. I had thought that I was way beyond this kind of photography but, really, it’s quite fun sitting in the passenger seat, balancing a tripod and camera and playing with long exposures. This pic makes it look as if we were really travelling at high speed (actually, we were cruising down Adderley Street to see the Christmas lights).


And then one must stop to take a breather … and more photos. I always tell my students to take night time pics before it’s really night time, so I’ve broken my own rules here. But running around the city centre at almost midnight is kind of naughty and exciting and … dare I say it … dangerous … whoooo! So I had to take some spooky pics to record the experience.
The Ghostly Trio

The Ghostly Trio


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One response to “My daughter is learning to drive!

  1. Pia

    Love it!!!! looks like you are all having such fun together – and that is what counts in this world isn’t it?

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