The Saxophonist

'Mary had a little lamb' never looked this good!

'Mary had a little lamb' never looked this good!


The sweetest sounds

The sweetest sounds

I simply love backlighting. And window light. Combine the two and I’m in photographic heaven!



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4 responses to “The Saxophonist

  1. Pia

    Love these too!! Love the texture on the wood floor. Such a silly thing to comment on, but I love it!!

    I keep thinking about your nostalgia theme. I have a cool “faded 80’s” kind of action somewhere. You should try something like that. Something modern with a retro action would be kind of funny!! OR a kid with candyfloss on a merry-go-round/swing/slide + action. is that too predictable? Probably. OR a corsage on an old lady’s wrist OR a black and white photo of that antique camera of yours OR two old folks dancing to a gramophone…

    okay, I’ll shut up now…

  2. Pia

    HEY!!!!!!! fix your time!!

  3. Argh! That antique camera! 98% of my space clearing activities this year had to do with trying to find the blasted thing (not the big medium format one I brought to school; the Zeiss that I learnt on as a kid). I wanted a retro me with camera in the tall grasses – my early memories of learning photography. And then there’s the ancient radio that belonged to my gran, with my parents old records … it’s driving me crazy. And the biggest frustration ever is that I’m being dragged off on holiday tomorrow. For Pete’s sake!
    I did the carousel thing, btw, but I’m not crazy about what I did, so it’s been binned.
    Will just have to keep searching for that camera.
    As I say, I’m likely to miss the blasted exhibition entirely!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the first shot. As Pia said, the floor is gorgeous and that room makes all the difference to the photo!
    As for the exhibition, I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration on holiday – what about a pic of the kids watching the sea, or building sand castles.

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