Family portrait

I decided to gather my family in the studio. I don’t know what came over me. I think I’m going soft.
I do family shoots for other people so often, and very rarely have pictures of my own family. Let’s be honest – I don’t even have photos of my own wedding!
It could have been something from the Annie Leibovitz movie that settled in my subconscious, or it could just be that my kids are growing up too fast, with no way that I can slow them down, but I wanted everyone who is close to me to be in one pic together.
Chaos reigned. I did have to lose my blob with my own offspring (funny how your own kids get up your nose so much more than other people’s?) and a bottle of bubbles did topple over to create a large, soapy mess on the floor and the balloons did all pop before they could be of any use. The ages ranged from one to eighty, but everyone manged to connect with one another. I think it’s something every family should do. Things change so very quickly … children grow up, leave home, parents become ill or pass on. And although we have snappies taken on cellphones and on digital, and stored on various hard drives, how many of us have a pic that includes everyone … one that our kids can look at one day when they’re grown and say ‘Look … there’s Grumpy Eddie, there’s the Granny … look what you were wearing …!’
And, not least, the experience reminded me how blessed I am to have all these people to love (even if we all drive each other batty at times!).



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