Women of a certain age

Our society is youth obsessed. But we know this … no news there. Most of us want to photograph a pretty young girl. Your pictures are almost guaranteed of being a success, no matter what you do. How many poor photographs have you seen of Katherine Heigl or Angelina Jolie? Even when the paparazzi have caught them grocery shopping, without make-up and having a bad hair day, they look good.

Photographing the beauty of an older woman who is not a movie star presents a whole different challenge, and a wonderful avenue for creativity.

An older woman is aware of the laughter lines, the greying hair, and the bits that are no longer the same size or in the same place as they used to be. Being a woman of a certain age myself, I understand entirely the push-pull of having the self-assurance that comes with maturity, as well as an awareness of time’s skidmarks across ones face.

Creating images of an older woman has a bit to do with make-up and lighting … it has a whole lot more to do with understanding who she is, and timing the shot just right to capture her personality and confidence.  (And the teensiest bit of Gaussian Blur doesn’t do any harm at all!)

Glamming it up

Glamming it up

Intelligent, witty, beautiful

Intelligent, witty, beautiful


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