Shooting angels

Sleeping angel

Sleeping angel

This is another idea I have had rattling around in my head for ages: a sleeping angel. An all white studio setting, alabaster pale model, feathered angel wings and dramatic blue eyeshadow.

As always, I have my resident, albeit reluctant model on call and, when I finally found the time to pull the shoot together, sent her off to Mac for her make-up. Her favourite make-up artist, Jane, has left to do more exciting, independent things, and I’ll have to hunt her down. She didn’t get the name of the mua who did her face in the end, which is a pity, as she did a brilliant job.

Then is was off to the massive fabric shop across the road from the old Good Hope Centre to buy metres and metres – I think it was 20 metres – of flimsy white fabric and satin, and off to the prop hire place to find the angel wings.

While Ashleigh was being made up, I climbed up and down ladders to hang rods from the lights and drape the fabric over the rods.

And, eventually, I had my sleeping angel. A whole whack of effort, and half an hour later it was a wrap. Kind of an anit-climax! But I got some good portraits of her out of it too, and I have more ideas rattling around in my head. I’m going to have to use a few other models, otherwise people are going to think I can’t work with anyone else!

I desaturated the angel pic above in Photoshop create the soft light and cloud-like effect.  

What hides behind those eyes?



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