Photographing mother and child

I wish I had thought of having professional mommy and baby pics done when my kids were small. Of course there are lots of pics of the kids, and pics of the kids with their dad, but very little proof of who their mom was/is.

These pics were taken at the family’s home, using window light – always my favourite light when it comes to photographing babies and small children. The gentler light is far better suited to their soft skin than the glare of studio lights. They’re usually more relaxed at home, and the session is quicker and more successful.

There are drawbacks, of course, in that the light may be very low, forcing one to up the ISO, which I hate doing, and opening the aperture, causing depth of field issues, and, of course, using slower shutter speeds, which, with babies and small children, inevitably leads to motion blur. So, photographs shot at home rather than in a studio can end up having a very shallow depth of field throwing at least the mother out of focus, unattractive noise caused by the high ISO and blurry hands and faces as a result of the slow shutter speed. Add to that some distracting backgrounds in the form of highly patterned curtains, pictures and mirrors on the walls, bookcases, dishes and general clutter, and you have to summon up all your creativity to frame a professional shot.

It’s not the easiest way to make your day’s money, but it can be done. Just concentrate on capturing the bond between the people being photographed and the distractions will diminish.


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