A universe in a plant pot

I have to shoot something every day. Sometimes, though, it really is just too much trouble to leave home. You know those days. The days when everything, really, is just too much trouble.

But it’s amazing just how much there is to photograph in just one plant pot outside your door.

My first roses have started to bloom. My favourite, Double Delight, cream-cupped, strawberry-tipped, seductively fragrant, has burst three blooms from her wintry stalks.

In the same container, crowding around her feet, were some pansies, most of them looking the worse for wear after the heavy rains and wind we’ve had. But if you peer closely, there are still a myriad little rainbows in their folds.

And then, just for a final splash of colour, a red geranium braving the cold and gently unfolding its bright lips to the watery sun.


No need to skulk about the house muttering words like ‘burnt out’, ‘uninspired’, ‘grotty weather’, ‘I’d rather be in the Amazon’ and ‘those National Geographic photographers are so lucky!’. Just take a peek inside your nearest plant pot. You might end up with a smile on your face.


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